About Us

Ambleside Soap started as a hobby when we started looking into which soap ingredients aggravate our eczema (from babies to ladies, we all suffer). We found that most retail soap caused painful flareups as it is far too drying, leaving skin feeling stripped, dry, and cracked. After years of tinkering with different soap recipes, we make no magical or medicinal claims but find that our hand crafted soap is gentle and works for us.  We know exactly what's in it and why.

When lye is added to any fat you have soap (saponification). That's it, its not rocket science, just chemistry. For every gram of lye added to oil 0.7 grams of glycerin is produced - a natural humectant, which retains moisture on the surface of your skin.  Unfortunately most commercial soap manufacturers extract the glycerin, which is then used in higher priced premium products. The soap that remains is simply a detergent bar which is simply too harsh for our family of eczema sufferers.  Read labels.  If you don't see the word SOAP on a commercial bar, it isn't soap.  If you see a bar labelled as a "Beauty Bar" or no reference to soap - then it isn''t soap, and is some sort of detergent bar.

There is a bit of magic in soap making - in the tinking with ingredients to achieve the best results.  Although you can use any oil to make soap, we use 100 % vegan oils and butters, all of which have a different chemistry which produce different qualities in soap.  For example, coconut oil produces lots of bubbly lather and is terrific for oily skin.  Olive oil produces a a silky soft lather which leaves your feeling fresh and soft - great for dry skin.  

Our soap is made in West Vancouver, with simple ingredients you generally find in your cupboard.  Please note that all ingredients are Phthalate and Paraben free.  We love making soap and continue to experiment with different moisturizing oils, natural colors (mineral, clay and botanicals), essential oils and fragrances.

These hand crafted soaps have been created with love, and we hope you enjoy our soap collection! Pop one by your sink, in the shower, or in your sock drawer to keep everything smelling fresh. They make great party favors and personalized gifts!

In addition to soap, we now make candles, bath bombs, shampoo & conditioner bars, vegan deodorant, and eco-friendly cleaning products.

For custom order inquiries, or wholesale pricing please message us on our "Contact Us" page, or email amblesidesoap@gmail.com.

Thank you for all your support,

Lynda, Laura, and Jessica