Indigo and Bronze Soap

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An eye catching Indigo Blue - colored naturally using botanical Indigo and mineral mica, with vegan oils and an earthy fragrance.

This bar is colored with Indigo (a natural plant colorant) and features a bronze mica swirl (natural mineral colorant), with an earthy fragrance with a combination of vegan moisturizing oils (olive, coconut, almond, sustainably sourced palm oil, and Shea Butter) which together produces a luxurious rich lather. All our soaps are made with simple quality ingredients and are:
- Phthalate free
- Paraben free.

Due to the fact that each batch of soap is hand poured and cured, there may be a slight difference in the weight and colour of individual bars. Each bar weighs in excess of 4 oz.

We include a complimentary RE-USABLE organza bag, and all shipping materials can be RECYCLED - in an effort to reduce wasteful packaging.